I found many energies in the walls of Parisian churches, buildings and restaurants, not only human but also animal, all over each other trying to get noticed! I can see them, and you will find them in these photos, many of which I’ve illustrated with drawings to illustrate “before” and “after”.

In the Beaubourg, Le Marais and Les Halles areas of central Paris, the walls are deep with history dating at least back to the Romans and the Barbarians in the 3rd Century, through the Belle Epoque and the 2nd World War. Local Jewish children were deported and the Résistance was very active, and gunfire was frequent in the rue St. Martin and in what was the old rue St. Nicolas Cemetery, now called rue Chapon. The front walls of the St. Nicolas des Champs church still have what look like bullet holes probably fired on the local Résistance.

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