I grew up on the Isle of Wight, reading travel biographies and adventure novels, wandering alone on
my beach and over the cliffs, watching the sea and planning a solo sail round the world on a small
yacht, discovering exotic far-away places and visiting the world’s capital cities, their cultures and
their music… And dreaming of being an artist, of Paris fashion … I was always in my film, copying the
attitudes of my Hollywood idols, writing my diary, singing with my guitar, painting pictures, and
creating my own strange artistic personality! I finally landed in the buzz of Paris …

Lesley Phillips, English Translator & Language Coach: from singers, actors and TV producers to
company directors, bankers and head hunters, my clients are people who need English for their work

Lesley Jayne, singer, songwriter, author, SACEM & SACD, Fr. (lesleyjayne.com)
REIKI Levels 1 & 2, Diplomas January 2007
SHY Spiritual Human Yoga, Certificate April 2006

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